Saturday, 29 January 2011

Keeping up with cricketwpa

Alas, there's no test cricket for a while now. ODIs are all well and good but here at cricketwpa we only do Tests (otherwise we'd definitely lose our jobs during the World Cup!). We may not post so much in the next few weeks, we'll be speeding up the model and improving its flexibility, but are looking forward to the West Indies v Pakistan and the England v Sri Lanka matches in the spring. In the meanwhile, we may have a look at some historic matches (email us at with any suggestions!) and possibly do a quiz of some sort. We have a few ideas which aren't too cringeful.

If you'd like to keep up to date with new posts, feel free to use our RSS feed on the right hand side. With regards to Twitter, we've just taken the name @cricketwpa. Follow us if you'd like to, and if we have enough followers we'll send out a message when we start a new series. If we don't have any followers we'd feel a bit silly doing this though...

In the meantime we hope you've enjoyed our coverage of the Ashes and South Africa v India, and check back whenever you want to reminisce!

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